“How do you tell a 6½ -7-year-old child that her mommy and daddy aren’t coming back anymore?” That question was a tragic reality for the Bruehler family when 6-year-old Kylie’s parents were killed nearly 6 years ago. Gregory and Alexandra Bruehler were triathletes with an affinity for cycling. They were on a road they biked frequently when they were struck by a motorist.

Gary and Carol Bruehler, Gregory’s father and step-mother, were at a shopping mall in San Antonio on October 1, 2009 when they got a call from the hospital telling them their son was in a collision with a motor vehicle while biking with his wife. The doctor regretfully informed Gregory’s parents that both Greg and his wife, Alex, were killed by the crash. The doctors assured the Bruehlers how hard they worked to try to save Gregory’s life after the collision, but the injuries sustained were too severe. Alexandra was injured beyond recognition after being drug over 400 feet; she passed away at the scene of the crash. The Bruehler family’s story is a heartbreaking reminder of how important and impactful the choices we make are, especially when sharing the road with vulnerable road users.

Hundreds of people in the United States lose their lives every year due to motor vehicle crashes with bicycles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)1. Greg and Alex Bruehler are two of those victims taken too soon by preventable collisions.

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(Photo: Gregory and Alexandra Bruehler)


1 Traffic Safety Facts 2012: A Compilation of Motor Vehicle Crash Data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System and the General Estimates System. NHSTA: U.S. Department of Transportation, 2013.