By learning about the different types of  infrastructures that have been put in place and becoming aware of common types of traffic situations that cyclists face, road users can share the road responsibly.

Adding bike lanes, especially to areas with high traffic, is one of the most sweeping changes being made across Texas roadways. These bike lanes are most commonly found on the far right of the road and are reserved for people who ride; they designate the safest place for cyclists to be on the road.  People who drive should also remember the 3 and 6 foot safe passing rule while sharing the roads with people who ride bicycles; because many destinations are still only accessible by roadways without special infrastructure, motorists need to be extra cautious.

Cyclists have many safety considerations to think about when sharing the road. First and foremost, a person who rides a bicycle is at a much greater risk than a person who is in a motor vehicle if they are involved in a crash. Also, there are many factors that can cause a cyclist to switch lanes that a motorist need not consider; a pothole, loose gravel or even a parked car in a bike lane might cause a cyclist to merge into a regular traffic lane. Being aware of the many challenges that people who ride must face will create a safer road for all users.

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