Texting and driving. Using handheld devices while behind the wheel is both dangerous and illegal. Unfortunately it is just one of many distractions that people who drive are prone to whenever they get behind the wheel. In fact, at any given daylight moment, some 660,000 American drivers are distracted behind the wheel1. With so many distracted drivers on the road, the chances for collisions either with pedestrians or other motorists increases dramatically.

As more and more people from all walks of life take to cycling, it is more important than ever that distractions while driving are eliminated. There are countless ways to be distracted while driving; even those who consider themselves cautious drivers may find themselves distracted occasionally. In fact, anyone who has ever eaten in the car, played the radio too loud or just gotten lost in thought while behind the wheel is a distracted driver. Driving a car requires your full attention and motorists need to be 100% focused in order to secure the safety of all road users.

DriveKind RideKind was jointly developed by Please BE KIND to Cyclists (Please BE KIND) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to promote safe driving practices by motorists as they share Texas roads with vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. The mission of the new program is to educate and inspire all road users toward safe behavioral change and encourage personal responsibility. Please BE KIND developed the DriveKind RideKind video under a TxDOT grant, specifically for driver education schools, defensive driving class instructors, law enforcement academies and the general public. The DriveKind RideKind program is an effort to educate all road users and eliminate distracted roadways users.

Please, DriveKind RideKind. Help us Save A Life!


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