Responsible motorists and cyclists learn the rules of the road and plan ahead

Envision a world where people who drive or ride a bicycle safely coexist by adopting responsible practices each time they get in their car or on their bike. That is Please BE KIND to Cyclists’ vision for DriveKind RideKind. Everyone sharing our roadways should take personal responsibility for their decisions when operating a vehicle by being aware, being prepared and planning ahead. Motorists and cyclists must realize the importance of educating oneself on the rules of the road, including how much distance to keep between a car and a bike or in which traffic lanes cyclists have the right to ride. Being a responsible motorist involves learning and remembering these rules and applying them every time you are behind the wheel. ...

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Drivers and cyclists can share the road

By learning about the different types of  infrastructures that have been put in place and becoming aware of common types of traffic situations that cyclists face, road users can share the road responsibly. Adding bike lanes, especially to areas with high traffic, is one of the most sweeping changes being made across Texas roadways. These bike lanes are most commonly found on the far right of the road and are reserved for people who ride; they designate the safest place for cyclists to be on the road.  People who drive should also remember the 3 and 6 foot safe passing rule while sharing the roads with people who ride bicycles; because many destinations are still only accessible by roadways without ...

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Common types of crashes and how to avoid them

Both, people who drive and people who ride, need to be cognizant of those around them while on the roadways to avoid a collision. Though a crash can be dangerous for both parties, people who ride are at a much higher risk of sustaining a serious injury than those who drive. A crash can occur at any time and there are types of collisions that are more common than others. By being made aware of these common types of collisions, it is easier to recognize and avoid them. Drivers and cyclists can both can be responsible for causing collisions and must practice constant vigilance in order to stay safe. For example, a motorist should always keep a safe distance from a ...

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im n the car rn LOL but ill be

Texting and driving. Using handheld devices while behind the wheel is both dangerous and illegal. Unfortunately it is just one of many distractions that people who drive are prone to whenever they get behind the wheel. In fact, at any given daylight moment, some 660,000 American drivers are distracted behind the wheel1. With so many distracted drivers on the road, the chances for collisions either with pedestrians or other motorists increases dramatically. As more and more people from all walks of life take to cycling, it is more important than ever that distractions while driving are eliminated. There are countless ways to be distracted while driving; even those who consider themselves cautious drivers may find themselves distracted occasionally. In fact, ...

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New program promotes safety education for motorists and cyclists

If you were given the chance to Save a Life,wouldn’t you do it? According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 48 bicyclists were killed in crashes involving motor vehicles in Texas in 2013. Texas only fell behind California and Florida when it came to fatal cyclist/motorist collisions that year1. While both cyclists and motorists have the right to use the road, members of both groups share confusion over the other group’s rights. DriveKind RideKind was jointly developed by non-profit organization Please BE KIND to Cyclists (Please BE KIND) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to promote safe driving practices by motorists as they share Texas roads with vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Please BE KIND ...

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