DriveKind RideKind – Summary

Nonprofit organization Please BE KIND to Cyclists (Please BE KIND) has recently launched the new program DriveKind RideKind which was jointly developed with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT.) The DriveKind RideKind program is an effort to educate and inspire all road users toward a safe behavioral change and encourage personal responsibility.  Creating as safe a roadway as possible for all users is the ultimate goal of the initiative. The DriveKind RideKind program details many ways to stay safe on the roadways in their new educational video and Public Service Announcements (PSAs). The :15 and :30 second PSAs were developed by Please BE KIND as part of a TxDOT grant to educate the general public about where to access educational materials ...

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Responsible motorists and cyclists learn the rules of the road and plan ahead

Envision a world where people who drive or ride a bicycle safely coexist by adopting responsible practices each time they get in their car or on their bike. That is Please BE KIND to Cyclists’ vision for DriveKind RideKind. Everyone sharing our roadways should take personal responsibility for their decisions when operating a vehicle by being aware, being prepared and planning ahead. Motorists and cyclists must realize the importance of educating oneself on the rules of the road, including how much distance to keep between a car and a bike or in which traffic lanes cyclists have the right to ride. Being a responsible motorist involves learning and remembering these rules and applying them every time you are behind the wheel. ...

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