No family should have to receive the news of their loved ones being killed in a crash

“How do you tell a 6½ -7-year-old child that her mommy and daddy aren’t coming back anymore?” That question was a tragic reality for the Bruehler family when 6-year-old Kylie’s parents were killed nearly 6 years ago. Gregory and Alexandra Bruehler were triathletes with an affinity for cycling. They were on a road they biked frequently when they were struck by a motorist. Gary and Carol Bruehler, Gregory’s father and step-mother, were at a shopping mall in San Antonio on October 1, 2009 when they got a call from the hospital telling them their son was in a collision with a motor vehicle while biking with his wife. The doctor regretfully informed Gregory’s parents that both Greg and his wife, ...

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Drivers and cyclists can share the road

By learning about the different types of  infrastructures that have been put in place and becoming aware of common types of traffic situations that cyclists face, road users can share the road responsibly. Adding bike lanes, especially to areas with high traffic, is one of the most sweeping changes being made across Texas roadways. These bike lanes are most commonly found on the far right of the road and are reserved for people who ride; they designate the safest place for cyclists to be on the road.  People who drive should also remember the 3 and 6 foot safe passing rule while sharing the roads with people who ride bicycles; because many destinations are still only accessible by roadways without ...

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Cooperating with other roadway users

One of the main reasons for discontent between drivers and cyclists is the general lack of knowledge from both parties as to what cyclists’ rights are when on the road. Oftentimes, a motorist may get frustrated when they see a cyclist do something they think to be illegal. On the other hand, a person who rides a bike may make a decision thinking that they are in the right, only to cause unintentional harm. DriveKind RideKind was jointly developed by Please BE KIND to Cyclists (Please BE KIND) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to promote safe driving practices by motorists as they share Texas roads with vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists must follow the same ...

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